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Gene Smith blogged recently about a tagging game It’s been around since about May. It’s not really a game there’s not a lot to it, tag a brand with the first thing that comes to mind and then see what other people think about it. Not so surprisingly the resulting tag cloud shows I think the same as the majority most of the time. What I like about the tag cloud is that the tag size is weighted completely by frequency so the higher ranking tags are absolutely massive and it works, for this site, you only want to know at the end of the day what the majority think. The usability could be better as I want to see the tag cloud of the brand I have just tagged before I go on to tag another brand, or I’d like to be given a list of the brands I’ve tagged so far so I can go and click back and see other peoples opinions later on. But it’s a work in progress as the creator Noah Briar states on his blog.

The most interesting thing about this is the most useful thing about it, looking at peoples opinions of different brands, there’s some companies who I think would rather they hadn’t looked. In all it’s a very cheap focus group.

Its sister site which just doesn’t have enough celebrities on to be mean about, is entertaining for about a second just to see the most insults one person can collect.

All a bit too American, understandably, but it would be nice to see a few more British brands in there. There’s some obvious British insults in the celeb tag data so there’s proof we’re looking at it.

In all well worth spending a few minutes on when you’re meant to be doing something more productive.

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