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With Best Intentions

I started this blog at the beginning of this project with all best intentions of documenting my progress. Then i never got around to actually writing in it. I was just so busy with the research! I did write a couple of notes down though with the intention of putting it into the blog, but never did, so i will add them later. When i created this blog it was part of my initial research into web 2.0, I didn’t know a lot about it and i wanted to use the technology as well as finding out current research in the area. I had used some web 2.0 sites without realising what i was doing – myspace, flickr, youtube, but i hadn’t tagged anything in my life and was having trouble embracing the whole social network thing. I am the person who stands in a corner or the kitchen at a party with a little safety net of friends and waits for people to talk to me – behaviour i’ve noticed i repeat on these social sites, which i think is really interesting. It seems even anonymity cannot ease my social anxiety.

I have now got to the point at my project where i can take a little break and catch up on some of the things i had initially wanted to do, like this blog. I’ve finished my proposal, i’m waiting for it to be approved, so it seemed a good time to do this. Now this blogs set up I can easily find the time to update it as i go along. I want to document any successes as they are the bits you tend to forget when critically evaluating a project. I also want to document all hurdles faced and the solutions to them. I want to be able to look back at the stages where all was hopeless and the project was a complete disaster and never going to get finished and see how i turned it around and how great that feels. It happens in every project i know it will happen lots in this one too!