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Connecting a laptop to the TV with S-Video

How did anyone solve problems before they invented Google? Given, most problems I’m trying to solve are based in and around computing so there’s more info out there. I’m always pleased to stumble upon a useful forum, discovering that lots of other people have exactly the same problem as me and some more knowledgeable folk have offered solutions. Sometimes they don’t work and then there’s the occasion that you find really useful fixes…like this one…


I have bought myself a shiny new laptop and was looking forward to hooking it up to the TV, make the most of my broadband connection, all I need is an s-video lead I thought. But no the picture was black and white. Apparently this is a very common problem something to do with using a scart adapter as my tv doesn’t have an s-video in so only the luminance signal was being carried to through the scart and the chrominance signal which carries the colour wasn’t getting to the TV.



Then, thanks to Google I followed a link on this forum

to this website http://camp0s.altervista.org/sVideo/sVideo.htm

and I now have a colour picture on my TV – yey! I was put off by the idea of butchering my scart adapter, then thought well it only cost a couple of quid it’s worth a try. My husband volunteered his soldering skills as I don’t have a clue.


I just wanted to post a recommendation for this solution. It really does work – sometimes you try fixes on forums and still have the same problems but this did work. OK you do need or know someone with a toolbox and soldering kit. Husbands come in useful sometimes!


I’ve got quite knowledgeable about cables since buying my laptop – I set up my first wireless network so my PC and laptop can communicate (I learned the benefits of Ethernet compared to USB – thanks virgin media for the dodgy installation!). I also worked out that by utilising the lead for my video camera I can get sound from my laptop on the TV too! I’m nearly ready for my Saturday job at Maplin or other good cable retailer.


So no tagging research recently but i know a lot more about wireless networks and cables.