This blog started out its life as documentation of the progress of my Msc Project. Now that its all finished i’m going to keep this blog as place to record any ideas, thoughts and general ramblings about web 2.0, tagging, social networks and folksonomy. I will also continue to record any developments of VideoTag.  I’m about to start PhD research so i’ll be using this blog to record my progress, the ups and downs of a PhD, i’m hoping for more ups!

2 responses to “About

  1. Hi
    I like your weblog, it has a nice structure and your writings are interesting.
    My PhD seems related to your research, if not in the same field 😉
    I hope that you don’t mind, that I added your weblog in my blogroll.
    My weblog is:

    Charles Seger

  2. Hi,
    How are your article going?

    Thanks for linking to my blog. I have changed the domain for my blog (loong story, not very interesting 😉
    My Blog is now present on:

    Charles Seger

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